Coastal Restoration has over 25 years of experience in leaky condo repairs throughout Vancouver and the GVRD. Our experienced crew of highly trained professionals can handle every aspect of your leaky condo repair project from initial inspection to completed restoration. We utilize the most advanced construction practices and materials and guarantee our work to be the finest available in Vancouver’s construction industry. Coastal Restoration is a government approved building envelope specialist (BES) company.

Vancouver Building Envelope Specialists

Leaky Condo Repairs in Vancouver

Coastal Restoration specializes in the design and construction of exterior building envelopes. A building envelope / or waterproof membrane is an outer shell that is used to create a stable construction environment that can have the ability to resist air, water, heat, light and noise as required.

Leaky Condo Repairs in Vancouver

Coastal Restoration can inspect, re-engineer and repair leaky condos and buildings. These three factors are essential to consider when properly waterproofing your home, condo or building:

  • water vapour control
  • air control
  • thermal envelope

Water Vapour Control is generally the main problem facing leaking structures in Vancouver. The roof is the most critical part of any buildings waterproofing system. We have extensive experience repairing pitched and flat roofs with a variety of materials and advanced waterproofing methods. We can also access and repair the roofing moisture underlay materials and create proper ventilation systems.

Moisture can also enter buildings through walls and foundations. Over time siding, waterproofing membranes and waterproofing materials can break down. We can replace these damaged and leaking materials so and restore your structure to even higher standards than when it was originally built. Our use and knowledge of the most advanced waterproofing materials and construction practices is your assurance that the job will be done in an efficient and professional manner.

Air control refers to proper air-flow and is a critical part of keeping a building waterproof, energy efficient and comfortable. There are many elements that need to be properly maintained for a buildings to have proper air-flow. Coastal Restoration can inspect, design and repair foundations, roofs, walls, doors, windows, ceilings and insulation materials that may be affecting your building or condos ability to properly move air and vent moisture.

The Thermal Envelope (heat flow control layers) is what exists to protect a structures interior climate or temperature from the exterior of the building. This usually comprises mostly of insulation materials. We can quickly assess the condition of your thermal envelope with the use of advanced thermal imaging. This allows us to check for any temperature anomalies on the interior and exterior surfaces of the structure. These methods are very efficient and useful in identifying moisture issues from water intrusion, or internal condensation.

Vancouver’s Leaky Condo Crisis:

The main issues causing water leaks in today’s houses, condos and buildings is damaged roofing material, and poorly installed house wrap paper and it’s degradation. House wrap paper is designed to repel water from entering the exterior of the structure but also allow water vapour to exit from the from the interior. Once the house wrap paper is breached the structure starts to let water in and rot and delamination of the exterior walls begins. Mold and spores will start to develop increasing the rate of failure and creating an unhealthy environment for residents.

There are many underlying factors that caused the leaky condo situation in Vancouver to be so pronounced:

  • climate
  • Building designs
  • poor construction practices
  • low quality building materials
  • building codes