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Our clients rely on us to serve on their behalf, ethically and responsibly. We have a track record extending back more than two decades, a record of integrity, expertise and customer satisfaction. Our clients value the relationship we build with them and recognize our commitment to quality, budget and schedule. Clients who work with us for one project return to Coastal Restoration for all their future construction needs.

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Coastal Restoration’s Project Portfolio.

With over 20 years of experience we have become Vancouver’s most referred building envelope repair and restoration company.

Building Envelope Repairs and Construction Services

We specialize in building envelope repairs and heritage restoration construction projects in Vancouver

Building Envelopes

Leaky Condo Repairs in Vancouver

We are vancouver’s building envelope construction specialists. If you have a leaky condo protecting your work site with a safe, water tight building envelope is crucial in the effective repair of your building or home.

Leaky Condo Repair


Our experienced crew of highly trained professionals can handle every aspect of your leaky condo repair project from initial inspection to completed restoration. We utilize the most advanced construction practices and materials and guarantee our work to be the finest available in Vancouver’s construction industry.

Flood and Fire Repair


We can provide a professional assessment of the level of damage done by flood and fires and efficiently repair your condo or house or building to a better than new condition.

Window Installation and Repair

Vancouver window installation and repair

From small apartments to the largest industrial sites we are Vancouver’s window installation and repair specialists.

Deck Repairs and Installation

Vancouver deck repair and installation

We can repair rotting, damaged and unsafe decks to better than new condition. We have designed and built many of Vancouver’s most stunning decks for houses, condos, industrial complexes, apartment and heritage buildings.

Heritage Restoration

Vancouver heritage restoration

Over the past 20 years Coastal Restoration Services has restored many of Vancouver’s heritage buildings and homes back to their original conditions. Our advanced building practices and materials will create a building envelope better than original.