Project Overview

We began the restoration at Lake Placid Lodge in Whistler BC in 2018. This extensive restoration project required slab levelling and repair, property drainage, roof repairs, patios, pool aprons, fencing, heat tracing, boilers, new stairs and pool repair work.


The Lake Placid Lodge had extensive damage around the property. We were able to instal new soil basalt stairs throughout the property. New stone walkways throughout the property were created. New stone patios were created around the main lodge and in several outdoor areas. New planters and rock walls were made to create defined areas for garden areas.

Part of the hardscaping repairs included slab repair to help level the property and fix cracks.


We brought in new soil, plants, shrubs and trees create beautiful garden areas throughout the property.


We installed a system of lighting around the property, at the front gate and lodge entrance.


New drainage was installed around the main building, pool area, gardens and pathways to help with better water drainage.

Pool Repairs

We installed new pools and fixed drainage problems. New pool aprons were installed. Drainage was repaired and piping upgrades brought the pool back to it’s former glory.

Slab Repair

Extensive slab repair work was needed to fix depressions and cracks over large parts of the property.

Roof Repairs and SBS Membranes

New SBS membranes were used to fix water leaks in the roof. We also repaired damaged sections of the roofing. New cladding was added around the roof.


We created new fencing around the perimeter of the property.


We installed new boilers in the main lodge which helped fix inefficient water heating issues.

Heat Tracing

We applied a series of heat tracing measures to help protect outdoor piping from freezing issues. Heat tracing is a vital component of any outdoor drainage and electric system to help protect them from freezing temperatures and insure both longevity and proper working order throughout the year.

Lake Placid Lodge Restoration

walkways, patios and slab work